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Volunteer Attorney Assists Non-Profit in Empowering Communities to Reduce Pollution and Increase Energy Efficiency


Jacob KaufmanThis month, VLSP is pleased to spotlight one of our Community Organization Representation Project’s (CORP) clients, Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI). CORP provides pro bono assistance to qualifying non-profits in a range of business transactional legal areas. SEI helps empower schools, universities, small businesses, local governments, affordable housing agencies, and rural communities to reduce pollution and save money through increasing energy efficiency, green building and green workforce education and training. VLSP sat down with their operations manager, Kerry Stanwyck, and their deputy director, Stephen Miller, to get more insight on the company and what their volunteer attorney, Jacob Kaufman of Morrison & Foerster, did to assist them with their legal needs.

VLSP: How did you hear about VLSP and CORP?

SEI: We originally heard about VLSP through a website search some
years back.

VLSP: What is an example of how SEI serves low income communities?

SEI: We work with affordable housing providers to increase efficiency and lower their impact on the environment, therefore lowering their residents’ utility bills. We then engage and educate their residents with sustainable day to day practices. Additionally, we target predominately low-income public middle and high school students in providing training so that they may one day pursue green jobs through our Green Workforce Internships.

VLSP: What did CORP and Jacob Kaufman do for you and SEI?

SEI: CORP helped us create an in-house dental plan document. Most recently, however, Jacob helped us to review and revise our contract and sub-contracting templates. We had a significant need to develop standardized contracts while navigating the legal landscape and protecting our services that are under various grants.

VLSP: What will the results do for SEI?

SEI: The assistance we’ve received is invaluable and has enabled us to keep operating as a small non-profit specializing in energy efficiency matters.

VLSP: Would you recommend VLSP and CORP to other non-
profit organizations?

SEI: Absolutely! There are not enough great things to say about the generous assistance we have received.

To learn more about CORP and how you can get involved with VLSP and its various programs, please visit or email Volunteer Coordinator, Jason Luu, at

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