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BASF Names Co-Directors to Lead Lawyer Referral and Information Service


By Emmy Pasternak, LRIS Case Development Coordinator

With the recent retirement of longtime Lawyer Referral and Information Service Director Carol Woods, LRIS has announced leadership changes for the service.

Carole Conn, former LRIS Assistant Director is now the LRIS Director of Public Service Programs. She has worked with LRIS since 1990, starting out as a Spanish bi-lingual legal interviewer. Conn became LRIS Assistant Director in 2004 and in that capacity she provided administrative support and oversight to the program, including the Indigent Defense Administration, the Dependency Representation Program, public relations, training and internal operations. As director, Conn manages projects, oversees, programmatic and statistical analysis, and communications.

Conn has been a speaker and participant at the annual ABA LRIS Workshops and last year presented at the State Bar of California’s Forum on LRIS programs. Under her leadership LRIS is poised to continue as one of the nation’s leading lawyer referral services.

Julie Traun, a seasoned criminal defense trial lawyer, was named LRIS Director of Court Programs. Traun joined LRIS in 2003 as an attorney administrator for the Indigent Defense Administration (IDA), a program providing oversight and statistical analysis to the Superior Court for criminal and juvenile delinquency appointments and billing. Traun now directs both the IDA, and the Dependency Representation Program (DRP) which performs the same functions for the Unified Family Court. Prior to joining LRIS, Traun maintained a private practice, she provided many years of service on the LRIS criminal conflicts panel and she enjoyed extensive clinical instruction at Golden Gate University and the University of San Francisco Law Schools. She has been on the board of numerous criminal justice organizations and has been honored with several awards.

Traun’s commitment to the panel and its role in the delivery of services to San Francisco’s poor was evident last summer when city budget constraints threatened constitutionally-mandated services to the indigent. Traun was quoted in the Daily Journal stating, “Defending the underdog, the poor, the oppressed, keeping the government honest, making the Constitution matter – really matter – are without a doubt the heart and soul of criminal defense work. Public defenders need a
partner, a strong partner in the private criminal defense bar, for together
neither risks becoming so institutionalized, so policy-driven or budget constrained that the effectiveness of representation suffers.”

If you cannot assist a potential client who contacts your law firm, consider advising the caller about LRIS. Annually over 50,000 callers are assisted by our highly trained LRIS staff who are able to refer the client to an attorney experienced in the area of law that best meets the client’s needs. The direct line is 415-989-1616.If you are not a member of our referral panels and wish to receive referrals from the LRIS, please contact the LRIS Membership Coordinator at 415-782-9000 x8750 or at

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