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BASF Because…


Kathryn Oliver, Attorney at Law

Law School: UC Berkeley School of LawKathryn Oliver

Areas of Practice: Insurance Coverage (representing policyholders); Business Litigation

Fun Fact: I love to travel, and once lived in a hut in a small village in Morocco with no running water or electricity.

I initially joined BASF because...

Back in the early 1990s, I joined to chair a BASF Child Care Committee that was successful in creating a back-up child care program and then forming a group of Bay Area employers, mainly law firms, to go together as a consortium and offer the service to their employees — a first! The BASF presence provided the glue to connect the member firms and companies in order to make it happen, and I was proud to be one of the organizers. As the mother of young children back then, I subsequently used the back-up service myself.

I stay a BASF member because...
Over time, many things change, but BASF has kept its solid core. It provides a way for local lawyers to enhance their practice by connecting in a collegial way. It also continues to provide a vehicle for more cutting-edge projects or ideas to be supported. All this in a low key setting where people feel welcome.

I am a Section Chair because...
I can’t say no to Barbara Fanning. I was enticed by the challenge of re-invigorating the Insurance Practice section, which included establishing a completely new Executive Committee. We have a fabulous group now serving on the ExCom, and are enjoying our brainstorming sessions to come up with program ideas. It’s one of the few times you will see insured-side attorneys mixing it up with insurer-side attorneys in a good way.

Kathryn has been a BASF member since 1993 and we thank her for her continued support.

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