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Bar Association of San Francisco Member Benefits: Publications

BASF Because....

Mo Kalman

Law Firm: Kalman Law Office
Area of Practice:
Tenant Advocacy
Law School:
None. Read for the Bar (Law office/Judge’s chambers program)

Fun Facts: Mo Kalman

  • I went to see the Rodney Dangerfield movie “Back to School” the night before I took the bar exam (1986). I was so wound up that I laughed and cried. Then I walked up and down the street reciting the exceptions to the hearsay rule.
  • My father worked for a toy/game company that manufactured Mah Jongg sets. He was a sales rep. When he started, they retailed for about $35. My mother played and I grew up to the sound of the tiles clicking. I recently learned to play and went online looking to buy one of the sets my father sold. $900.
  • The landlord and tenant bars in San Francisco are pretty divided. When I moved into my current office (in 2002) I learned that two of my arch-enemies amongst the landlord counsel resided literally right next door. Although we still battle, now we are on very friendly terms.

I initially joined BASF because…
I received an offer for an open enrollment health insurance plan and BASF membership was a requirement.

I stay a BASF member because…

  • Being a solo practitioner and otherwise having little affiliation with other lawyers, it’s a way for me to stay in touch with the legal community.
  • I think the Justice & Diversity Center (formerly VLSP) run by BASF is a fantastic service and a valuable asset to the community.
  • I recently joined the Solo Practitioners List Serv and I’m finding it educational, congenial and a great resource.
  • Membership has helped to establish my reputation as a dedicated tenant advocate with a reasonable approach and it’s a good base for referrals.

Mo has been a BASF member since 1986! Thank you, Mo, for your continued support.

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