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What To Do When You Need Clients

Joining Your Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service is One Way to Gain Business


By David King Keller, Keller Business Development Advisory Group


There are many ways to quickly get paying client work. Some may surprise you.

1. Go to LinkedIn, then go to the People search drop-down menu and click on “Jobs.” Type your practice area into the search box and click on “Search.” I found two listed jobs for a “collective bargaining” attorney in the San Francisco Bay area. Yes, I was surprised, too. Give it a try. Today may be your lucky day.

2. Call your last five clients and say, “I just finished a project and currently have bandwidth for new client matters. Is there any legal matter I can help you with, or someone you know who could use some legal support in the area of …?” List all your practice areas because they may not recall all the support you can offer them. Doing this not only jogs their memory about how talented you are, but gives them a few moments to reflect on your two-part question.

3. Do the same thing with your raving fans and referral sources.

4. Then repeat the same thing with people in your firm and lawyers you know in noncompeting practice areas.

5. Make sure all the bar associations you belong to have you in their attorney referral system. Speak with the person in charge—this will put you “top of mind” in their brain. And while you’re speaking with them, ask them how other lawyers in your practice area are securing new clients. [See above article]

6. Contact the LinkedIn Group Manager of a LinkedIn discussion group that discusses topics in your practice area and ask him or her who is currently hiring in your area(s) of focus.


This blog post originally appeared on the website on November 15.


David King Keller is author of two books on how to grow law firm revenue: 100 Ways to Grow a Thriving Law Practice and The Associate As Rainmaker—Building Your Business Brain. He is CEO of Keller Business Development Advisory Group, which provides law firm business development training, 1:1 attorney biz dev coaching and MCLE instruction on various topics.

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