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Brand You: Professional Branding for Attorney Success

Set yourself apart based on your strengths, skills and personality


By Marina Sarmiento Feehan, Esq., Founder/Principal,Positive Counsel


Why professional branding for attorneys? Previously only celebrities, top executives, and technology gurus engaged in professional branding. Today with the prolific use of the Internet and social media, a professional brand is an essential part of legal career success, and at the very least, of career survival. As an attorney, your word is your reputation and your reputation is your brand. Attorneys sell their expertise, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities, an intangible skill set known as “intellectual property.” This makes the legal profession ideal for professional branding so attorneys can set themselves apart based on their strengths, skills, and personality.

By watching this webinar, you will learn about the process of professional branding and the power of social media in marketing your brand.

The process of branding begins by knowing yourself – your innate strengths, skills, weaknesses, values, and goals. A few free tools are available online to begin self-assessment:


The Meyers Briggs personality assessment is a questionnaire that tests how you perceive the world and make decisions. Take a free version of the Meyers Briggs at:


By knowing what you naturally do best, your chances of success in your chosen career are greater. A strengths test provides valuable information about who you are and what type of work environment in which you are most likely to thrive. A free online Strengths test can be found at:



Once you have an idea of your personality and strengths, you can begin the branding process with the help of a free online branding tool, the 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment. A 360-Assessment allows you obtain input from others about your personality, your strengths and weakness, the team role that most suits you, and character attributes unique to you that form the basis for your brand. A 15-day free subscription can be found at You can then elect to work with a personal branding coach to help you analyze your brand attributes so you can take action steps toward creating your brand.

While it is not necessary to represent celebrities or top corporations in order to become an attorney with a worthy brand, it is necessary to become accomplished in your field. With social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, an attorney can easily begin branding himself and taking steps to become an expert in his practice area. Social media is one of the best free and easily accessible branding tools available today. To brand properly, a strategy is needed – one that considers the target audience, career goals, and the appropriate platform to reach your audience and promote your brand consistently. Building a brand takes time however, as attorneys’ reputations are often are built upon years of good work, earning client trust, and proven expertise. By doing excellent work, providing great client service, and focusing on the skills, attorneys can build a reputation worthy of a brand.

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Marina Sarmiento Feehan, a career expert and social media consultant, is the founder of Positive Counsel, a legal career coaching and consulting firm based in San Francisco ( A certified professional branding strategist, she trains attorneys on how to market themselves for a job search, for business development, and for career advancement.

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