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What is Decluttering and How Can It Be Useful?




Family practice and probate attorneys are perhaps the two groups that would most be able to utilize a service that can assist following a death when the nearest relatives are either not close enough or are not inclined to clear out the estate and yet the property must be readied for resale or rental to new occupants.

A decluttering service is of most use when there is someone on the premises who can swiftly and expertly classify:

  • What is to be recycled
  • What is toxic?
  • What is most valuable and could be sold in either a formal estate sale or a large garage sale
  • What could be donated and to where
  • What must be moved to storage or another location?

Having a list of resources on hand and then doing all of the scheduling for pick up are tasks best left to impartial experts who can work singlehandedly or with individual family members.

In the case of conservatorships where there are no nearby relatives to help clean up, again, decluttering is the answer as such a service can provide classifying, eliminating, generating potential revenue and even cleaning, carpet removal, and moving services.

When looking for the best fit it’s important to find a person who is attuned to the sensitive, economical, elimination of clutter.

Sadly, even those with detailed wills intact often leave behind a great deal to clean up and there is often a lack of clarity, confusion in the face of grief or sheer volume that can be overwhelming for all parties involved and it’s at this point that a decluttering service could be of use.

Madison Kane has operated RESULTS AT LAST LLC for decluttering of homes, offices and garages for the past two years.

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