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Bar Association of San Francisco Member Benefits: Publications

BASF Because . . .


Firm: O’Grady Law Group, APCJohn O'Grady

Law School: Golden Gate University School of Law

Area of Practice: Estate Planning


Fun Facts

  • I hitchhiked from my childhood home in New Jersey after high school, arriving at a UC Berkeley dormitory with my sense of adventure and a backpack. I rode a bicycle back to New Jersey for a summer visit.
  • My father sold bicycles back when they were just toys. Now I commute across San Francisco by bicycle for fun.
  • I enjoy singing and playing the piano. I once concluded a tense deathbed family meeting for a client by leading the family in singing to the dying dad.

I initially joined BASF because…

  • I had just started my own estate planning practice and I was terrified
  • I needed to learn how to run a successful practice
  • I wanted to be part of the professional community

I stay a BASF member because...

  • It helps me stay current with estate planning & mediation developments
  • It inspires me to keep learning and growing in my work
  • It keeps me plugged into our vibrant local legal community: I was proud to be a lawyer at our recent and historic courthouse rally for court funding

I am a Section Chair because...

  • I enjoy leading the most active section and I enjoy seeing my colleagues at our monthly meetings
  • My 25 years of experience means that I know almost everyone and I am happy to be of service
  • I love the job and I enjoy mentoring newer members and encouraging their participation

John O’Grady has been a BASF member since 1989 and we thank him for his continued support!

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