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Yet Another Article on Lawyer Blogging?


By Virginia Bisek, BASF Bulletin Contributor


If you’re getting this newspaper, then you’re a BASF member. And if you’re a BASF member, you know about Tech Tuesdays. Free to members, these seminars dissect technology issues and current topics relevant to lawyers.

There was a good presentation about a month ago on … you guessed it … blogging. Yet another article, you sigh, on why I should blog?

You should blog. Let’s just cut to the chase: blogging helps increase traffic to your website, which in turn generates more clients.

Well, it can, if you do it right. Jeena Cho and Jeff Curl from the JC Law Group do blogging the way it’s supposed to be done. This duo presented great tips and tools at a recent Tech Tuesday. Apparently their blogging efforts produce a sizeable return in popularity and increased visibility to their website. They’ve got something to say, and people listen.

Tune in to “Blogging 101 for Lawyers” to get an inside perspective. [You will need to login.]

Just a few tips to titillate the blogging beast that’s inside us all:

  • If you don’t like to speak in public, blog
  • If you want to be a known authority, blog
  • If you want to rank higher in Google, blog
  • If you want to get more clients, blog

And a few reminders that it takes skill and patience:

  • If you think it will always be fun, don’t blog
  • If you can’t help but write like a lawyer, don’t blog
  • If you’re afraid to be judged by your peers, don’t blog
  • If you can’t spare 3-6 hours a week, don’t blog
  • If you expect an immediate return, don’t blog

Finally, write something worth reading. And remember that writing for the web is different than writing for print. You’ve got ten seconds to grab somebody’s attention. Know your clients. Identify their fears, frustrations and pain points. And it’s also okay to make them laugh.

If you’ve got something to say, say it. Start blogging.


Virginia (Ginger) Bisek helps legal professionals and organizations create successful web copy. Email her at to discuss your project.

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