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Winners Win — And Give Back


By Jayne Salinger, Diversity Pipeline Programs Director


If you go to the San Francisco 49ers Foundation website, the first sentence you read is: “Every Sunday in the Fall we do everything we can to win. All year long, we do everything we can to support our community.” And in late December the foundation held steadfast to their commitment to support the San Francisco community by once again awarding BASF’s diversity pipe-line program School-To-College (STC) a $25,000 grant. Through the years, the 49ers Foundation is directly responsible for—through direct donations and challenging the legal community to match funds—raising more than $200,000 for the STC program.

In 2010, owners John and Denise York and the 49ers organization were given the first annual BASF Outstanding Community Partner Award for their support of the STC program.

Dr. York states, “Let me tell you about typical students in the School-To-College program. They are bright energetic, and hopeful for a new, wonderful and successful life in the United States. However, each has their own obstacle to overcome. They are often immigrants from a distant land and English is their second language. They don’t know the process of going to college in the U.S. We can change that with assistance from School-To-College.”

School-To-College is a year-round program at the Academy of Arts and Sciences High School where 54% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. The BASF coordinator of the program counsels students on strategies for credit recovery, the college application process and manages a tutor who works to improve the students’ grades. During every summer, the program coordinator also counsels students at the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA.

Dr. York concluded, “Which is more important to becoming a successful member of society? The first characterization of bright, energetic students looking for a future or the second characterization of an immigrant, learning English language skills and overcoming the college entrance process? All of the secondary obstacles can be overcome through the School-To-College program. These young people have the first characteristics down pat.”

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