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Volunteer Attorney is Regular Source of Advice for Clients in Need


By Jason Luu, Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Legal Services Program


The Volunteer Legal Services Program of The Bar Association of San Francisco (VLSP) is proud to have Jessica Chylik as one of our dedicated volunteer attorneys with the Legal Advice and Referral Clinic (LARC) each month. LARC is a free walk-in clinic that occurs on the second Saturday of each month at our Civic Center location and on the last Saturday of each month in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. At these clinics, members of the community are able to receive legal advice and referrals from experienced attorneys in various areas of the law. Jessica quickly joined our clinics shortly after her admittance to the bar 13 years ago.

Jessica Chylik

Bringing expertise and experience from her private solo practice which is focused on landlord/tenant law, credit card litigation defense, business contract litigation, and real estate matters, Jessica is a regular source of advice for LARC clients, which numbered over 1,800 in 2011. But in addition to her expert grasp of her practice areas, Jessica also displays a unique empathy. As she recounts of one client, “[The client] had apparent mental health issues and got distracted very easily by all the goings-on around us. Eventually, I suggested that we lean forward on the table and put our hands up to either side of our faces, blocking out the distractions and looking straight into the other’s face.”

Coming back month after month to LARC, her reward is “[s]eeing a scared, worried person come to understand the legal process, what to expect, where to find additional help, and eventually leaving much more confident in their ability to handle this new challenge in their life.”

VLSP is always looking for experienced attorneys with five or more years of experience to give client consultations in various areas of law. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact

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