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Lawyer Referral and Information Service Panel Attorney Wins $6.4M in Roll- Over Accident Case


Highest settlement award ever won by LRIS Panel Attorney

Highest single referral fee contribution to LRIS Fund for Public Service


Two days before Christmas in 2009, the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) received a call from a shaken young woman who had been injured in a roll-over car accident just five days before. She had suffered major head trauma among other injuries. Her mother and grandmother riding with her in the car were also gravely injured and her grandmother was not expected to survive. The defendant driver had initially fled the scene, but had later been identified.

Label Litigation TeamLRIS secured the expertise of then Personal Injury Panel attorney Oliver Vallejo of the Veen Firm, who partnered on the case with Veen Firm Litigation Team Leader and panel member, Anthony Label. With years of catastrophic injury experience between them, the attorneys navigated the liability issues in the case which largely related to the non-hands free cell phone use the employee driver had engaged in shortly before impact. The collision caused brain injury, spinal, and psychological injuries to the passenger plaintiffs and eventually led to the fatality of the woman’s grandmother.

Midway through the case Vallejo took a leave of absence, leaving Label and his team associates, Andje Medina and Jeremy Cloyd, to deftly mediate the final settlement of $6.4 million. The award represents the largest won by any LRIS panel member, and comes on the heels of a $5.36 million settlement won by panel attorneys Winslow and Hurtubise late last year.

The Label case settle-ment also represents the largest referral fee (a percentage of the attorney’s fee) ever received by LRIS, which will help to support BASF’s pro bono and diversity pipeline programs.

For nearly ten years Anthony Label has been with the Veen Firm, a prominent catastrophic injury firm in San Francisco. Label espouses the firm’s dedication to also actively assist other plaintiff’s bar attorneys with helpful information as part of a larger overall effort towards justice for injured people.

As a former student of psychology who started his career working with emotionally disturbed children, Label brings together his background in psychology, compassion for humanity and technical legal expertise to vigorously advocate for clients and win cases. He derives great satisfaction from providing the “care and holistic approach to client representation” that involves working closely with the injured plaintiff’s doctors, families and other support service providers to reach the best resolution possible.

Label also says that representing injured clients is very personalized, “You don’t recover unless the client recovers, financially and otherwise, and because of that, a close bond with the client readily forms. When that happens, it allows for very powerful advocacy and creating that meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

LRIS receives 50,000 calls annually from the public in need of legal representation. BASF’s LRIS is a State Bar Certified Referral Program, a model referral service, and well-known nationally for its outstanding legal assistance to the public. Refer with confidence those clients outside your practice area: (415) 989-1616 of

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