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Website Enlightenment

[Part One in a Two Part Series]


By Ginger Bisek, BASF Bulletin Contributor


The world is large, the internet is larger, and there are many people claiming they have the website design knowledge to set you on the path toward glory and riches. What route should you take?
Well, the secret toward website enlightenment can be summed up in one word: homework. You have to understand what you are doing so that you can move in the right direction.

Understand the web development cycle. There is a beginning, middle and end.

  • Beginning: Define your goals, objectives and content strategy
  • Middle: Move into design strategy and start generating copy
  • End: Design the website, merge design with copy, and launch

It can’t be that simple, you say. Well of course it can. It takes time and there are certainly sub-components, but if you do it right it can be that simple.

Think about what makes you… you. It’s all about the value proposition. What makes you unique, what differentiates you from the pack, and what are the benefits you offer. You are different than the next bankruptcy lawyer or copyright infringement law firm.

Plan for the future. Do you want to build your website and sit on it for six months? Some solo practitioners couldn’t care less about social media, apps and widgets. They want a digital footprint. That’s all.
And some law firms engage in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They are comfortable with current technologies and pop culture—and daily or weekly website maintenance is okay.

There is no right or wrong. It’s up to you. But take some time to think about the future.

Decide on ready-made designs or customized designs. There are several vendors out there who can get a website up very quickly using a standard template. Your design options are limited with standard templates but you may not care. Just make sure your copy is great.

If having a customized website is more important, hire a design firm and a good copywriter to create a personalized site that is fully branded with the essence of your solo practice or firm.

Part 2: Website Enlightenment: More Homework.



Ginger Bisek helps solo practitioners, law firms and bar associations create better websites as copywriter and content developer. Email her at for more information.

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