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Legal Writing Tip: Who to Follow on Twitter


By Leslie A. Gordon, BASF Bulletin Contributor


Even if you don’t want to tweet, Twitter is great for learning about people and topics that interest you. I follow editors, news organizations, novelists and even fellow knitters. Consider following the The New Yorker, a favorite New York Times columnist, the San Francisco Public Library, your law school, even your competitors or opposing counsel. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is not reciprocal – you don’t need approval to follow someone.

TwitterIf you’re interested in grammar and writing, here are some interesting Twitter feeds, including a sample tweet (punctuation and spelling oddities are theirs, largely due to Twitter’s 140-character limit). Note that some feeds act as “curators,” providing helpful links to outside articles.

@GrammarMonkeys: Why we need hyphens: Because fine-arts matrons aren’t the same as fine arts matrons.

@legalwritingpro: Freshfields partner writes arbitration award without a single comma: [link].

@jamesscottbell: Write like Vesuvius. Edit like Gibraltar. #writing

@advicetowriters: Make writing a regular part of your daily routine—even just a tiny amount... so that it feels more natural to write than not to. J. EGAN

@grammargirl: Avoid one of the most common mistakes I see on resumes: lack of parallel construction: [link].

@BryanAGarner: Garner’s Word Today: EDULCORATE = to free from harshness; to make pleasant. #WOTD

@LawWriting: Lawyers Spar Over Line Spacing [link]; Word (not page) limits wd allow briefs to be formatted for readability.

@writing_tips: Discrepancy vs. Disparity: What’s the difference between discrepancy and disparity and other similar words…[link]

@minorwisdom: Good ways to slim down a brief [link]

Discover helpful tweets by perusing hashtags – those topics preceded by the # symbol – which allow people who don’t follow each other to still share information. Examples: #writing, #amwriting and #writetip.

To streamline your feed, turn off all “retweets.” Also, if you find you’re regularly skimming someone’s tweets, unfollow them to ensure your feed remains constructive and uncluttered.


A former lawyer, Leslie A. Gordon is a freelance journalist living in San Francisco.

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