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Bar Association of San Francisco Member Benefits: Publications

BASF Because . . .


Eliza Rodrigues

Law Firm: Sedgwick
Law School: USF School of Law
Areas of Practice: Professional Responsibility, Ethics, Risk management

Fun Fact: Both of Eliza’s parents were born in different villages on Madeira Island, Portugal, but met and married in the U.S.

I initially joined BASF because…

  • As a junior lawyer, I observed and admired the involvement in BASF by my colleague, Russell Roeca, who later became President of BASF in 2009
  • Drucilla Stender Ramey was the Executive Director and General Counsel of BASF, and I knew I needed to be involved with anything Dru was leading
  • I wanted to take on pro bono matters, and the Volunteer Legal Services Program provided excellent training and interesting cases in family law

I stay a BASF member because...

  • BASF is dedicated not only to serving its members well, but to also serving the community at large
  • BASF takes on important issues I care about, such as court funding and abolishing the glass ceiling
  • When I served on the Board of Directors from 2005-2008, I was so impressed with the dedication of BASF’s leadership and staff to the success of its programs such as School-To-College and the Volunteer Legal Services Program
  • Serving as Chair of the Law Practice Management Section keeps me involved in current topics affecting law firms and legal departments
  • When I travel to other jurisdictions around the country, BASF is nationally recognized and admired for being at the forefront of diversity issues and pro bono programs

Eliza has been a BASF member since 2003 and we thank her for her continued support!

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