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Unscrupulous Landlord No Match for LRIS Panel Attorney Mark Hooshmand

Attorney settles landlord-tenant case for six figures


By Emmy Pasternak Community Outreach and Case Development Coordinator, LRIS


In November 2010 the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) was contacted by a client with a landlord-tenant issue. For three years the client was verbally harassed by the landlord and threatened with eviction without cause. Additionally the landlord failed at various times to provide heat, perform repairs, and he allowed contractors to enter the client’s apartment without prior notice. Despite numerous complaints to the landlord regarding harassment by the non-licensed property managers, the landlord failed to respond in an appropriate manner and violated numerous local and state ordinances.
Referred by the San Francisco Rent Board, the client contacted the Lawyer Referral and Information Service and was subsequently referred to panel attorney Mark Hooshmand.

In less than one year, Hooshmand and his associate Michael Smith were able to secure a six figure settlement for the client. Through thorough investigation by Smith with assistance from the client, the landlord’s true motives to attempt to evict the client came to light. Rather than converting the rental property to a family home, which is legal under the Ellis Act, the out-of-state landlord intended to evict the tenant and keep the apartment on the rental market at an increased rate, thus violating the Ellis Act. After years of harassment and a hard fought but successful legal case, the client decided to find a new place to call home.

For the past thirteen years Hooshmand has been representing clients in business litigation and landlord-tenant matters. According to Hooshmand, during that time the increased use of the internet and other forms of technology have, “enabled a more level playing field to make the law accessible to everyone.” In his practice, and as a member of LRIS, Hooshmand seeks out cases where he can assist those who would otherwise have a difficult time finding the legal assistance they need. As evidenced in this case and the many others Hooshmand and his firm have handled on behalf of LRIS clients, he is effectively carrying out his mission to, “utilize my strengths to help those who are less fortunate.”

For information on how to join the Lawyer Referral and Information Service, please visit Read more about our program, download panel applications, and view attorney testimonials. You may also contact the LRIS Membership Coordinator, Yvonne Ng, at 415-782-9000 x8750 or for direct service. The LRIS is a revenue generating program, the proceeds of which help to support BASF’s charitable programs.

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