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Help: Frequently Asked Questions about the Barristers Club

This page contains answers to common questions about The Barristers Club.

What is The Barristers Club?

The Barristers Club is an organization of new lawyers committed to professional growth, community service and serving as an advocate for its members.

How do I join?

If you are an attorney in your first ten years of practice, or a law student or legal professional — you are automatically enrolled in the Club when you become a BASF member.

You may also sign up for a Barristers committee or section when you become a member.

What are the Club's benefits?

The Club provides numerous opportunities for new attorneys, law students and legal professionals:

  • Committees and sections exclusive to Barristers members
  • Significantly lower annual section membership fees than those of BASF sections
  • Continuing legal education (CLE) courses specifically designed for new lawyers
  • Barristers-only networking events

What are Sections and Committees?

The Barristers Sections and Committees are exclusive to The Barrister Club. Get involved with your community, help develop continuing legal education courses and network with your peers. Read more and find out how to sign up.

Barrister members may also join our general BASF sections and committees.

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