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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service Overview

User Guide

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Directory lists providers in the following categories: Arbitrators, Mediators (including the *BASF Mediation Panelists), and Special Masters. Listings for Arbitrators, Mediators (other than the *BASF Mediation Panelists), and Special Masters are paid listings based on information supplied by the ADR provider and are not reviewed or evaluated by BASF.

Within each major category providers are listed alphabetically, furnishing a statement of specialties, degrees and other important information. An optional resume may also be included.

Additionally, Arbitrators and Mediators are listed in the detailed Subcategory Index. This index lists the providers by name, and according to area of specialty. For instance, if you require an arbitrator to hear a commercial dispute, you would turn to the index on the Arbitrators page and click on "Commercial". The results will list all Arbitrators under that specialty.

*BASF Mediation Panelists have been vetted by BASF’s Mediation Services.