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Mediation Services

Choosing a Mediator

The parties agree that BASF will administer the case if one of these Employment and Workplace Mediation panelists is chosen. File the Mediation Consent form (43KB PDF) with BASF to initiate the process.


Frank Burke Laura Goldin Herman D. Papa
Fred Carr Stephen J. Gorski Patricia Prince
Kevin C. Coleman Judge Ron Greenberg (Ret.) Tonya Saheli
Thomas Crosby Bill Helvestine Stephen Schrey
Susan Joan Davidson Robert M. Hirsch Malcolm Sher
Mark J. Divelbiss Richard Idell Alice Shikina
Martin H. Dodd Carol Kingsley Arthur R. Siegel
Paul Dubow Sanford Kingsley Teri H. Sklar
Robert T. Fries Dr. Martin Urs Laeuchli Claudia Viera
Matthew J. Geyer Theodora R. Lee Julie A. Welsh