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Voluntary Early Mediation (VEM) Program

Testimonials for BASF Mediation Services Panelist: Malcolm Sher


“This service was especially useful to litigants who do not primarily practice in San Francisco Superior Court. Both BASF staff and the mediator [Malcolm Sher] were responsive and professional.”
-Louis Silver, Silver & Katz


“Your mediation services are deserving of the highest praise. Settlement of the case presented to you was thought by both counsel to be hopeless. However, your patience, insight and understanding of both the substantive and the underlying conflicts at issue, including the involvement of various extended family members...enabled a fair and rational settlement of the conflict by an ingenious compromise never imagined by the parties or their respective counsel. Your mediation services are recommended without reservation, especially in any complicated case with foreign, cultural and/or difficult familial issues.”
- Douglas A. Unsworth, Attorney


Malcolm Sher is an effective mediator. Initially, my clients were skeptical about mediation and did not expect any results. It took eight and a half hours, but the case settled. The case was very difficult, partly because of the high level of emotions and feelings of betrayal on each side. Mr. Sher was able to help the parties move beyond their anger and look at the practical side of trying the case.”
- Lubna Jahangiri, Attorney


“Mr. Sher is very skilled at understanding a client's underlying emotions and motivations.”
- Blair Johanson, Attorney


“Thank you for your fine efforts at the mediation of the above case. Although the case did not settle, I was impressed with your quick understanding of the legal issues, the underlying issues in this intra-family dispute and the risks to each side not settling. My client and I very much appreciated your patience and judicial-like demeanor in working through the issues with both sides. Suffice it to say, the next time that I have the opportunity to select a mediator in your area, you will be at the top of my list.”
- Martin J. Malkin, Attorney


“I would like to thank you for your superb work as mediator in helping to resolve this matter. Without your persistence, keen understanding of the law and ready grasp of the facts, I have no doubt that there would not have been a resolution at this early stage. In my experience, you are one of the most effective mediators I have had the pleasure of working with in 25 years of civil litigation practice.”
- B. Scott Levine, Attorney


“You mediated a complicated real estate dispute involving an unsophisticated real estate investor, legally sophisticated real estate investors and a broker. You were able to get to the heart of the dispute quickly and facilitate settlement in one day. Your ability to communicate effectively with these divergent groups was instrumental to the successful outcome.”
- Gina Dashman Boer, Attorney


“Thank you for your superb work in bringing the parties together to settle the dispute. Your ability to evaluate the dispute from the legal perspective combined with your empathy for the parties helped bring an end to the lawsuit in a timely fashion before the costs and expenses skyrocketed. Last Monday I learned a few things that will help me improve my (own) mediation skills.”
- Stuart I. Goldware, Attorney


“I wish to thank you for your hard work which resulted in the settlement of the dispute. I particularly appreciated your call before the mediation. This allowed counsel to privately advise you of the impediments to settlement that might be difficult to express during the mediation. I also share your view that providing food for everyone assists in creating an atmosphere for settlement. Your willingness to keep at the process until 9:00 p.m. also insured the parties would reach an agreement.”
- Glen L. Moss, Attorney


“I have no doubt that but for your skills as a mediator, our matter would not have settled. Your efforts late in the day kept the mediation from unraveling when both parties were ready to leave before the dispute was resolved. It was clear from the beginning of the mediation that you were prepared and had an understanding of the underlying issues between the parties. Thanks, again for your assistance and for playing a very important role in resolving the matter.”
- Michael Cooper, Attorney


“You did a skillful job in weaving the disparate claims into a settlement. I thought you were particularly insightful in explaining that this litigation belonged to the parties and that resolution would serve everyone's interest. It didn't hurt that you analyzed the merits of the parties' claims thoughtfully and with expertise that I believe is frequently lacking in mediations. In other words, you took the time to figure out the flaws in everyone's positions to make a resolution a wise alternative to spending more lawyers' fees. Good job! I was impressed!”
- Howard Melamed, Attorney


“I recently represented the buyer in a claim for damages arising from purchase of a home in northern California. There were four other parties to the dispute. Mr. Sher mediated the case to resolution quickly and efficiently. I am certain his command of the legal, standard of care, and insurance issues, plus his ability to work well with all counsel and the parties, explain his success. I highly recommend him as a mediator based on this experience”
- Barbara Duval Jewell, Attorney


“Gary and I want to thank you for doing such an exceptional job. Peter said you were good. We are so glad it is over and we can get on with our lives. We have even stopped yelling at each other, the stress is gone.”
- Gary and Helen B., Disputants


“You were truly excellent in your role as mediator: focused, engaged, concerned and attentive to the needs and concerns of all parties. You took the time to understand all of the parties' positions, and you focused on the substantive issues as well as the underlying conflicts that were at issue. You had the ability to stay focused on difficult subjects, and you continued to work with the parties even when settlement seemed impossible. Thanks to your good work, we were able to reach a fair settlement, and I truly appreciate your dedication and skills as a mediator. I would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a mediator that can handle a complicated case with multiple parties and difficult issues!”
- Fred Hertz, Attorney


“I fully recommend Mr. Malcolm Sher for those mediations which comprise a complexity of law, logic and feelings....Mr. Sher researched the law, and then undertook pre and post-mediation contacts in a manner courteous and clear to all....Mr. Sher paved the way for the family members to communicate again....I consider Mr. Sher's mediation skills in a most favorable light, certainly worth the fees, as the previously adversarial family members are now communicating with each other.”
- Lottie Cohen, Attorney


“In very short order, Mr. Sher grasped both the key points of this complex case, and the obstacles to settlement. He devoted a substantial amount of time spread over several days, and was tireless in his efforts to bring this case to a conclusion. Without his efforts and energies, I do not believe the case would have settled.”
- Robert B. Luek, Attorney


“As the Court is aware, this was a difficult case to resolve and Mr. Sher's skills were instrumental in bringing the case to a close. He should be recognized by the Court as an outstanding contributor to the administration of justice not only because of his negotiating and mediating skills, but for the time he put into this matter.”
- Howard L. Churchill, Attorney


These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. (Pursuant to Rules of Professional Conduct 1-400 and the standards adopted by the Board of Governors of the State Bar of California).