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Voluntary Early Mediation (VEM) Program

Testimonials for BASF Mediation Services Panelist: Nicole Gesher


"My former business partner and I contacted Nicole to help us resolve a dispute surrounding the dissolution of our partnership. During the mediation, Nicole took extra care to ensure that both our sides of the story could be heard, and that we each had an opportunity to fully voice how we were feeling. Her professionalism and care were genuine and without her involvement I am sure we would not have reached the agreement that we did. I am eternally grateful to Nicole for her hard work and for working to help us build an agreement that saved us thousands in legal fees."

-Julian S.


"Within a week, due to an extraordinary effort from Nicole, we were able to negotiate the Marriage Settlement Agreement and complete the paperwork to finalize our divorce. Nicole offered her experience to help clarify issues and mediate a solution that was agreeable to all parties."

-Peter Dorman


"Nicole is calm, organized, and to the point. She creates and holds a formal yet sacred space for rational decisions around emotional issues. She is very present and smooth (even when time is rushed!). She completes everything on time and all promises are clean and honored."

- Danielle Bourhis


“Nicole is very professional and friendly. She made the process easier for us.”
- Marilyn Dunn


These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. (Pursuant to Rules of Professional Conduct 1-400 and the standards adopted by the Board of Governors of the State Bar of California).