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Voluntary Early Mediation (VEM) Program

Choosing a Mediator

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Stephen G. Schrey

Schrey Mediation | Download his resume.

Areas of Experience:  Business, Commercial, Construction, Contracts, Disability, Employment, Environmental, Financial, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Landlord-Tenant, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Real Estate

Stephen Schrey is skilled at picking up the significant facts in a wide variety of disputes as well as the strengths and weaknesses in the parties’ positions.  He also pays close attention to the underlying dynamics in a mediation since each one is different and has its own characteristics.

Schrey is flexible in his approach to mediation, calibrating the process to suit the nature of the dispute and the parties’ needs, before as well as after mediation sessions.

Schrey is a full-time neutral in his own mediation practice.  He was a trial lawyer for over 38 years and represented a wide variety of individual and institutional clients in federal and state courts, including appeals in several jurisdictions.  He has resolved a wide variety of disputes in mediation and other ADR proceedings over the last 15 years.  These disputes include ERISA benefit denial and employer contribution; ADA injunctive relief, damages and attorneys fees; mortgage loan modification and foreclosure including TILA and RESPA; credit history cleanup including FCRA; employment including wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination; insurance coverage and bad faith both first and third party; fraud and business torts; investment or partnership funding; personal injury including FELA, automobile, and premises liability; real estate transaction and land use disputes, construction lending; and medical, legal and accounting malpractice.

He brings to bear both extensive formal ADR training as well as his broad career experience to a mediation, and patiently persists in helping the parties explore potential avenues of resolution of their dispute.

Hourly rate: $400