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Tonya Saheli, JD, MS

Saheli Legal MediationTonya Saheli

Areas of Experience: Probate, Divorce, Family Law/Custody, Contract Disputes, Business and Employment Disputes, Property/Landlord Tenant Issues, Patent Infringement, Mediations for the Religious Community, Healthcare/Malpractice Issues, Public Education Disputes

Tonya Saheli is known for her calm yet effective approach to mediation. She uses a facilitative approach coupled with a unique technique in mediating the most difficult cases to resolution. Saheli has successfully mediated several hundred cases in court and in her mediation practice. Though her cases have ranged from congenial to very contentious in nature, Saheli has developed a method that meets each party where they are, providing a specific set of skills to each individual case. 

Saheli mediates cases in the areas of Healthcare/Malpractice Mediations, Probate, Divorce, Family Law/Custody, Contact Disputes, Business and Employment Disputes, Property/Landlord Tenant Issues, Patent Infringement, Public Education, and Religious Community issues.

Saheli has taught Business Law and Ethics and Health Law and Ethics at several Universities. She is currently working on a book entitled, Mediation vs. Litigation: Tipping the Scales in Favor of Mediation when Dealing with Legal Matters of the Heart, which is set to be published in early 2017. Once published, Saheli plans on providing all prospective clients with this book free of charge prior to each mediation so they may gain a true understanding of the effectiveness of mediation.

Saheli has served as a Mediator since 2011. In addition to her private mediation practice, she is a former board member of Community Boards, which is a 40-year-old mediation organization in San Francisco, and she provides mediation through the Alameda County Superior Courts.

Saheli is also a member of the Alameda County Bar Association and The Bar Association of San Francisco.

Hourly Rate: $325