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Voluntary Early Mediation (VEM) Program

Choosing a Mediator

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Carol J. Marshall


Areas of Experience: Business/Commercial, Employment, Environmental, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Construction, Banking, International & Cross-Cultural

Carol Marshall is a very experienced neutral with a strong background in civil litigation. Marshall has been a member of the California Bar since 1978 and has been involved in alternative dispute resolution, primarily as an arbitrator and mediator, for approximately twenty-nine years. She has served as a mediator in hundreds of cases, in the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounding counties, and beyond.

As a litigator, arbitrator and mediator, Marshall has acquired significant experience handling matters in the categories listed above and in other areas of the law. Many of her cases have involved complex and sensitive issues such as sexual harassment, racial/gender/ethnicity/age discrimination, denial of access to the disabled, lender liability, toxic contamination, dissolutions of long-standing partnerships, serious job-related injuries, denial of insurance claims, trademark and copyright infringement, defects in construction, cross-cultural misunderstandings, and other difficult situations. As a mediator, Marshall is committed to assisting parties in their efforts to find mutually satisfactory solutions in an environment that promotes fruitful communications and real progress. Her affiliations with law firms with international clienteles and domestic clients from all walks of life have made Marshall particularly aware of issues related to cross-cultural communications. She is enthusiastic about helping parties to get beyond such barriers, helping them to achieve a better understanding of one another's intentions, compelling interests and motivations, and thereby allowing them to make progress toward resolution.

Marshall is a graduate of St. John's University (B.A.), NYU (M.A.) and UCLA Law (J.D.). A New Yorker by birth, a Californian since graduate school, Marshall has lived and practiced in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Hourly Rate: $400; flat half-day and daily rates available

Deposit required; cancellation fee may apply