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Choosing a Mediator

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Ross McLauran Madden

Mediation Services

Areas of Experience: Real Estate, TIC and Condominium Disputes, Partnership and Business Conflicts

A mediator since 1990, Ross Madden has an LLM in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, where he studied with many of the top mediators in the field: Ken Cloke, Bruce Edwards of JAMS, Nina Meierding, Peter Robinson, Randy Lowry, and Robert O’Donnell. Part of the curriculum at Pepperdine was formal training in acting as an arbitrator, as well as conducting hybrid forms of dispute resolution such as med-arb and arb-med. His book, “The Three Poisons: A Buddhist Primer on the Resolution of Conflict”, with a forward by Ken Cloke, is available on Amazon. Madden also co-leads the Mediators Beyond Borders Nepal Team, which is currently working with the Nepal Mediators’ Society to further mediation and ADR skills for local mediators in Nepal.

Hourly Rate: $350, plus $75/hour room rental charges. Preparation time billed at hourly rate, travel billed only if the mediation held other than in San Francisco.