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Sanford Kingsley

Mediation Offices of Sanford Kingsley

Sanford Kingsley
Areas of Experience: Commercial Litigation, Insurance (including coverage and bad faith), Real Estate, Employment Disputes, ERISA, Personal Injury, Legal/Medical Malpractice

Sanford Kingsley has over 35 years of litigation and mediation experience. Before becoming a full time mediator, Kingsley was a litigator for 33 years. As a partner in in Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal (now Dentons) and LeBoeuf, Lamb Greene & McRae, two prominent national law firms, Kingsley handled a wide variety of complex civil matters in trial and appellate courts including class actions, employment and discrimination claims, real estate and business disputes as well as insurance coverage and bad faith lawsuits. Several of these cases were resolved through mediation.

In addition to Kingsley’s mediation practice, his dispute resolution experience includes serving as a Settlement Judge Pro Tem in San Francisco Superior Court since 2002 as well as a Judge Pro Tem for settlement purposes in Marin and Santa Clara County Superior Court. He is also a Resolution Advocate in the Northern District Bankruptcy Court and a member of the Voluntary Dispute Resolution Program in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California. He has presided over 100 mediations and settlement conferences.

Kingsley’s goals in mediation are the same as those of the participants: a fair proceeding and a satisfactory outcome. He listens intently, communicates clearly, and brings patience, perseverance and neutrality to a case. He works to make sure that all participants are fully heard, and their positions are completely understood and considered. Kingsley absorbs information quickly and knows when to probe, and when to streamline the process. When Kingsley schedules a day of mediation, he will devote the entire day to just your case and will stay as long as it takes to make sure that a mutually satisfactory resolution can be achieved.

Hourly Rate: $400