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Voluntary Early Mediation (VEM) Program

Choosing a Mediator

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Judge Ron Greenberg - Retired | Watch his video.

Superior Court

Areas of Experience: Business, Commercial, Construction, Contract, Employment, Family, Intra-organizational, Landlord/Tenant, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Real Estate


Judge Ron Greenberg (Ret.), with 28 years of combined judicial, mediation, and arbitration experience, understands how the court system works, and also how it doesn't. During his years on the Alameda bench, he realized that the adversarial system placed serious limitations on the settlement process. As a long time advocate of alternative dispute resolution, Judge Greenberg, in his judicial role, gained a reputation as a settlement specialist. In order to expand his settlement skills and techniques, more than 20 years ago he began studying and training with nationally known mediation teachers from Harvard and Stanford.


Judge Greenberg provides a unique service by merging his judicial authority with his skills as a highly trained mediator. His expertise covers a wide range of legal issues. Judge Greenberg assists attorneys and clients to expand their options, helping them craft more creative solutions that address their particular conflict. While assisting clients to achieve their goal of settling a current dispute, he motivates them in appropriate cases to pursue the long-term goal of improving their relationship and ability to communicate about decisions that will continue to draw them together.

Complex conflicts arise in ongoing difficult relationships (businesses, organizations, and families), requiring a forum where all parties are heard and provided an opportunity to fully discuss the global issues facing them. Aware of the imbalance of power in relationships, Judge Greenberg treats participants evenhandedly, creating a peaceful mediation environment, guided by an even judicial temperament. For Judge Greenberg, mediation is a passion, a process he views as his evolving art form.

Hourly Rate: $550, requires four billed hours minimum