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Voluntary Early Mediation (VEM) Program

Choosing a Mediator

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Kevin C. Coleman

Mediation Office of Kevin C. Coleman

Areas of Experience: Personal Injury, Employment, Landlord Tenant, Neighbor/Easement/Boundary/Fence, Real Estate, Business, Construction Defense, Lemon Law, Estate Disputes

Kevin C. Coleman has been settling cases as a neutral since 1996, has negotiated thousands of cases and has worked as a full-time neutral and mediator since 2006. He sorts through the legal and factual issues while keeping in mind the dynamics and relationships of the parties (and sometimes the attorneys too) to help guide the parties to a settlement, often where no one thought it possible. He is doggedly persistent in his dedication to settling cases.


Coleman has received many written accolades from judges commending his success in resolving cases as a Judge Pro Tem. Attorneys and the parties have also been extremely satisfied with the resolutions he has helped craft. 

Some comments include “Kevin did a fabulous job. I have mediated many cases and Kevin was the most persistent mediator ever,” “obviously understood the insurance policy issues as well as plaintiff’s emotional issues,” “calm, accommodating and easy to speak to,” “the case would not have settled without your assistance,” and “calm and confident.”

During his 20 years as a litigator, Coleman worked in small firms and a large national firm where he was a managing attorney. This history allows him to relate to the solo practitioner and his/her clients, the insurance defense attorney and big firm attorney and clients.

These experiences, in addition to (in excess of 100) hours of mediation training and years of settling cases as both a party and a neutral, give Coleman great insight into the myriad of issues involved in mediating cases. Likewise, his facilitative abilities have helped him settle otherwise difficult cases where one party is In Pro Per.

Coleman is on many court and bar association panels, is a Chair Person as Public Arbitrator for FINRA and has coached mediators-in-training.

Hourly Rate: $450, four billed hours minimum for half day; seven billed hours minimum if full day reserved