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Mediation Services


For attorneys and members of the public, The Bar Association of San Francisco is proud to present a roster of highly qualified mediators who collectively offer expertise in over 30 areas of law.

Whether you have a simple or complicated dispute, a case already filed in court, or seek to keep matters confidential and out of court, we can help.

Requesting mediation is easy – Just follow the simple steps below! For questions or more information, call Marilyn King at BASF, 415-782-8905.

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Getting Started

  • Either party can request mediation and initiate the process. Consider asking the other party before initiating this process whether they are willing to mediate the dispute. Both parties must consent to mediation for the process to move forward.
  • Review the Rules of Procedure (176KBPDFPDF)

  • Fill out the two-page Mediation Consent Form (157KBPDFPDF)

  • Payment of $295/party when you submit your completed mediation consent form entitles you to the first two hours of mediation, and the first hour of preparation time by the mediator:

  • Fax your completed forms and payment to 415-989-0381 or Mail to:
    BASF / Mediation Services
    301 Battery Street, Third Floor
    San Francisco, California 94111
  • All parties can agree to mediate and send in a Mediation Consent Form already signed by everyone, or each side can send in their own consent form with payments. If needed, we can contact the other parties to send them the consent form. 

Getting a Mediator Assigned

  • You may request a specific mediator from our panel of mediators or we can assist in finding an appropriate mediator for your case: contact or call 415-782-8905. Do not contact a mediator directly; you must first file with BASF.

  • Search for a mediator by name.

  • Search for a mediator by area of law. (If you don’t see the area of law you need, call us at 415-782-8905. We most likely will have a mediator who can work with you.)
  • Before assigning a mediator, we will verify that there is no conflict of interest with the mediator. Within a day or two we will contact everyone and confirm the mediator assignment.
  • You may request a different mediator for any reason by emailing or by calling 415-782-8905.
  • If the other party does not agree to mediation, you will receive a refund less a $45 processing fee.

Setting a Date for your Mediation and Mediator Fees

  • The mediator will contact you to set a mediation date, time and location, and may request a more detailed written description about your dispute. (Some mediators may ask for a deposit to cover a few hours beyond the time that is covered by your administrative fee; in most cases this fee is refundable for the time not used.)

  • After the initial two hours of mediation and one hour of preparation by the mediator the mediator’s hourly rate will be charged and paid directly to the mediator.


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