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Mediation Services

Do you:

  • Have a dispute that could result in costly, time-consuming litigation?
  • Need help resolving a problem before it escalates into something more serious?
  • Need a solution that is cost-effective without sacrificing quality?
  • Have a court case filed, but face long delays before any resolution is possible?

There is a better way.

BASF’s Mediation Services can help to:

  • Turn a contentious dispute into a calm dialogue
  • Resolve disputes in a space that feels safe
  • Create an outcome that is fast, efficient, economical, and balanced
  • Work toward a fair and mutually agreeable solution

No matter what type of dispute you have, BASF Mediation Services has mediators who can assist you in over 30 types of law, and if you don’t see your type of case, give us a call. We most likely will have a mediator who can work with you.

Steps to Resolving a Dispute

Requesting mediation is easy, just follow the simple steps on the Steps to Resolving a Dispute page.

Call Marilyn King at BASF, 415-782-8905, with any questions and for more information.

Search for a mediator by name.

Search for a mediator by type of law.

Satisfied Customers

Read what people are saying about the experienced mediators we provide.

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