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Mediation Services

Mediation Services Testimonials


“BASF Mediation Services provided not only a capable mediator (Robert Hirsch) but great facilities and a helpful staff.”
- Un Kei Wu, Liberation Law Group , P. C.


“The mediation process was effective for a dispute where the potential cost of litigation consumes the potential damages. The mediator [Gregory Walker] was fair, prepared and practical."
-Gerald Murphy, McKenna, Long & Aldridge


Theodora Lee has a reputation as a fierce advocate, but her skills as an impartial mediator are equally as impressive.”
-Barbara Lawless, Lawless & Lawless



“We were very pleased with our mediator’s services in resolving a difficult case. Our client was very happy with the outcome, and Elizabeth Tippin did a great job as the mediator.”
-Robert S. Niemann, Keller & Heckman


Kevin [Coleman] was great, smart, knowledgeable and really tried to bring parties together.”
-Mark Hooshmand, Hooshmand Law Group


“Our mediator [Steve Schrey]was tenacious – which is a good thing.”
-Harry I. Price, Atty at Law, Los Altos, CA


“This service was especially useful to litigants who do not primarily practice in San Francisco Superior Court. Both BASF staff and the mediator [Malcolm Sher] were responsive and professional.”

-Louis Silver, Silver & Katz


"Using a BASF mediator [Ross Madden] helped us to resolve a difficult and contentious payment dispute through calm dialogue in a safe space."

-Nick Berg, CitiScape Property Management Group


“BASF and Mark Fong benefitted the parties and the legal system by resolving a dispute that would otherwise have resulted in costly and protracted litigation.”

- Ann Rankin, Principal, Law Offices of Ann Rankin


“We had an excellent experience and, after 8 1/2 hours of mediation, Judge Ron Greenberg settled a very difficult case involving claims against four clients of ours by a wealthy investor who claimed inadequate disclosure was made.”
- Robert Charles Friese, Esq., Shartsis Friese LLP


Teri Sklar was exemplary as a mediator – kind, caring, intelligent. She sought to be impartial. She made both sides feel heard and respected. She negotiated a very satisfactory reduction in legal fees charged.”



“The BASF Mediation Service, and Mr. Robert Aune, were very effective and saved both parties, and the court, a significant amount of time and money.”

- Ann Rankin, Principal, Law Offices of Ann Rankin


“[The BASF mediator} was excellent. She was generous with her time and seemed very effective.”

- Law Offices of H. Nelson Meeks


Ross (Madden) was flexible and creative, and worked efficiently to get the deal done!”
- Cheryl L. White, Cheryl L. White & Associates, Oakland

Patricia Prince went well out of her way to make sure the parties resolved this matter at mediation. She was not only very effective, but was a great person and personality.”
-Bruce Bernstein, Attorney, San Francisco


“The mediator was very qualified in this legal area. She was also very giving of her talents and abilities.”
- Albert L. Boasberg, Attorney, San Francisco


 “This was the third attempt to mediate this case. And Mr. Hamburg was far and away the best mediator. I dare say we would not have settled today but for his efforts.”
-George Yuhas, Orrick Herrington (Settlement of business dispute relating to distributorship agreement)


“BASF staff was very helpful-stayed on the task and kept after a hard to reach party.  The mediator was great!”
- Mark Abelson, Esq., Campagnoli, Abelson & Campagnoli


“The Bar Association of San Francisco Mediation Services is the best deal in town. The service and results are the least expensive and the mediator [Guy Kornblum] was the best I have ever experienced.”
- Vernon Bradley, Law Offices of Vernon Bradley, Sausalito


"I would like to report that Jeffrey Kaufman capably mediated a very contentious dispute . . . .  Mr. Kaufman was quick to understand the issues and prompt in providing constructive ideas for resolution of the case." 
-Bruce W. Blakely, Flaxman & Blakely, Mill Valley


“I appreciated the way Kevin [Coleman] interacted with my client.  In the short time the two were together, Kevin was able to establish a relationship whereby my client trusted him and listened to the advice and suggestions offered. This was invaluable. I would happily use Kevin to mediate a case for us in the future.”
- Jeffrey Smith, Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP [personal injury case]


“I would like to thank you [Malcom Sher] for your superb work as mediator in helping to resolve this matter. Without your persistence, keen understanding of the law and ready grasp of the facts, I have no doubt that there would not have been a resolution at this early stage. In my experience, you are one of the most effective mediators I have had the pleasure of working with in 25 years of civil litigation practice.”
- B. Scott Levine, Attorney


Mr. Divelbiss, as a mediator for me on two unrelated cases, demonstrated a keen ability to focus the parties and zero in on the legal and factual issues involved. He also handles the psychological component of mediation very well, allowing parties to be heard without deteriorating the process.  In sum, I would highly recommend Mark Divelbiss as a mediator and plan on using him again should the opportunity arise.  I can unequivocally state that Mark Divelbiss is an outstanding mediator.” 
- Ari J. Lauer, Esq.


Mr. Kornblum is one of the best mediators I have ever had the privilege of working with!”
- Ken Litton, Hardiman & Carroll, San Francisco


"Within a week, due to an extraordinary effort from Nicole [Gesher], we were able to negotiate the Marriage Settlement Agreement and complete the paperwork to finalize our divorce. Nicole offered her experience to help clarify issues and mediate a solution that was agreeable to all parties."
- Peter Dorman


"With highly developed mediation skills and an excellent intuitive sense, Judge Ron Greenberg has worked very effectively settling cases for lawyers and clients in our office.  He brings intelligence and maturity to the process, providing the parties with a service that addresses their deepest concerns."
- Len Tillem, Len Tillem and Associates, KGO (ABC) Radio Talk Show, Host of The Len Tillem Program


Ross Madden is very experienced in the seemingly mundane problems that TIC ownership seems to routinely generate. Although small problems, the joint ownership of a $1.5M property is difficult. His experience in local real estate matters was invaluable.”
- Michael Skinner


 "Some mediators are skilled at the art of negotiation, facilitating mutual compromise and resolutions acceptable to both sides; other mediators, unfortunately, lack these qualities and add little value.  Based upon my own experience with Ms. [Theodora] Lee, she falls squarely within the former category."
- Attorney


"Vivian Holley is about as good as it gets; clear, direct, and accurate advice delivered with thoughtful and empathetic care - truly a rarity in the field."
- Eliza T., Oakland, CA


Excellent job – fine fellow! David [Meadows]) was fully prepared, calm, collected and persistent, and very experienced. All in all, quite a good show.”

-Douglas Schwartz, Schwartz & Cena


“The BASF Mediation Service was excellent – fast, efficient, cost-effective, and balanced. We achieved a fair and mutually agreeable solution within three hours. Martin Dodd did a great job.”

-Brad Nelson, Tiburon, California