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Early Settlement Program (ESP)

Early Settlement Program Testimonials


“The ESP Panelist was well-prepared and persistent. The defendant and the insurer came to the table with unreasonable demands which she skillfully negotiated to a successful resolution.”
-Carrie Gustafon, Esq.

“This program is very well run in my view. And, the panelist was completely on the issues and creative in her attempt to get it settled.”
- Michael A. Mazzocone,  Esq.

“Both parties were made aware of weaknesses in their positions. It is a friendly and informal setting to discuss settlement.  ESP fulfills an important role in resolution of cases.”
- Raquel Fox, Esq. 

"Keep up the good work!"
-Paul A. Frassetto,  Esq.

“The ESP panelist was very familiar with this area of law and her opinions we taken seriously by both sides.”
- Brian M. Fong, Esq.

“Settled a difficult case that was not expected to settle.”
- Mark Mittelman, Esq.

“The panelists were nothing short of outstanding. This case would not have settled without them.”
- James P. Moher, Esq.

“Great Panelist; organized program. The price is right.”
- Cecily A. Dumas, Esq.

“This was a case we did not expect resolution of but unique settlement discussions occurred that were helpful.”
- Timothy J. Halloran, Esq.

“ESP was the perfect vehicle for getting the case settled and the panelist was organized, professional and well prepared.”
- Harold B. Glassberg, Esq.

 “The panelists worked with great skill, empathy & diligence to settle a very difficult case. Thanks!”
- Charles O. Geerhart,  Esq.