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Attorney/Attorney Fee Dispute Program

Attorney/Attorney Fee Dispute Program

Save time and resolve unpaid fees or liens through the Attorney/Attorney Fee Arbitration Program of The Bar Association of San Francisco. 

Professional arbitrators trained in Fee Dispute law and procedures help put the matter behind you when these disputes arise.

Follow steps 1- 4

  1. Read the Rules of Procedure.

  2. Complete the request form.

  3. Mail the original and two copies of the Request Form along with your administrative fee to:

    The Bar Association of San Francisco 
    Fee Dispute Program
    301 Battery Street, Third Floor
    San Francisco, California 94111

  4. Pay the administrative fee which is 7% of the amount in dispute. This filing fee will be allocated in the award. See Rule 13.A. Rules of Procedure for details about filing fees.

    How to pay:

    Check or money order payable to BASF / Fee Dispute Program.

    Credit Card: Fill out the form.

Questions? Contact Fee Dispute Administrator Debi Ham at