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2015 Pro Bono Pledge


In early 2015, The BASF Board of Directors voted to release a new call to action encouraging members and law firms to give back with pro bono service. A set of pro bono pledges, one aimed at law firms and one at individual attorneys, urges 50 hours of pro bono service or taking one pro bono matter in 2015.

The BASF pro bono pledges are unique in that they call on each BASF member to integrate pro bono service into his or her practice.  Law firms pledge to develop the infrastructure and policies needed for each of one of their attorneys to fulfill their individual pro bono commitment.   

The Pledges

Individuals: Download the pledge (224KBPDFPDF)

Law Firms: Download the pledge (157KBPDF PDF)


Top Five Reasons to Sign the Pro Bono Pledge


Pro Bono Opportunities

To find out about pro bono opportunities with the Justice & Diversity Center’s Legal Services Programs, please contact or visit