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Reaction to the Historic Proposition 8 Battle

As of press time, the votes were still being counted in the biggest proposition battle in the history of California . Over $70 million dollars in total was spent by those for and against the measure that opponents claim was unconstitutional as it sought to revise the California constitution, not to amend it, to deny Californians the marriage rights currently protected by the constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court of California.

The narrow victory being held by votes in favor of Proposition 8 was met by a series of lawsuits filed with the Supreme Court the day after the election urging the court to invalidate Proposition 8 if it passes.

The Bar Association of San Francisco's Marriage Fairness Task Force, along with over sixty-five other bar associations and organizations formed the "Unity Coalition," and all vowed to work to defeat Prop 8. Additionally, BASF's delegation to the Conference of Delegates of California Bar Associations, along with BALIF, introduced an emergency late-file resolution against Prop 8 during the association's September meeting, which passed with overwhelming support.

In summing up the likely defeat of Prop 8, BASF President-Elect and Chair of the Marriage Fairness Task Force, Russell Roeca, Roeca Haas Hager LLP, said, " The support and encouragement of BASF members in the fight for equality and fairness for all Californians and Americans gives me hope for a better future for all of us.  The fight is not over.  We cannot let discrimination mar our constitution.  It will not stand.   Our Task Force will be meeting soon to discuss ways in which we may be able to continue to support the efforts to win equality for all Californians."

According to a post on the No on Prop 8 Web site, "Victory was not ours today. But the struggle for equality is not over. We will not give up. And we are not done."