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About Us & Our Mission


In January 2015 the BASF Board of Directors convened a Task Force on the Criminal Justice System, composed of prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil rights attorneys, law professors, the judiciary, members of law enforcement (police and sheriff) and police oversight agencies.  The Task Force formed several subcommittees to examine current practices regarding the collection and retention of data in detentions/arrests, analysis of collected data, use and policies regarding body cameras, training regarding bias (including implicit bias), use of grand juries in police-involved shootings, civilian oversight, use of force, Taser© use/safety, and bail reform.

As a whole, the Task force meets monthly while the committee work is ongoing.  Each committee has undertaken a comprehensive examination of best practices in each of the subject areas in order to provide well researched reports grounded in research and supported by data and/or expert opinion when appropriate.  This bipartisan and thorough analysis and the political and practical implications require a dedication of time, spirit and know-how by all Task Force members.

Task Force members have served as stakeholders in a number of City departments and policy developments including Body Cameras and Use of Force.  Recommendations of the Department of Justice are now being considered for implementation by both the SFPD and the Police Commission.  Task Force members have been invited to serve on all of these important working groups.

May 15, 2017: Police Reform and Changing Police Culture Panel Discussion


Police Reform and Changing Police Culture: A Conversation with Leadership from Bar Association of San Francisco on Vimeo.


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